An Accreditation assures the level of quality for courses delivered by RNM Training Sdn.Bhd. An example of these courses is The English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) training which is run in collaboration with our partners, International Development Program (IDP) and CAMBRIDGE. 


RNM Training Sdn.Bhd is an approved IELTS Education provider and Online Preparatory Centre for foreign students which is endorsed by IDP Malaysia. We strive to help our students in understanding the fundamentals of IELTS by providing online training classes for international students. We are also registered with various education centres to better prepare the students according to their future goals and aspirations. Upon completion of the IELTS training, we will register the students with the appropriate examination centres for students to take their IELTS examination. Upon passing, the students will be awarded with an IELTS certificate.

The examination will be based on the following assessments:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

RNM Training Sdn.Bhd is an approved Cambridge Open Path Education Partner. With this partnership, we are authorised to prepare International students to sit for the Cambridge English Language Assessment (CELA). The Open Path Education Partner offers exams for all Cambridge CELA levels, from young learners to adults. These exams can be taken online by students anyway around the globe.
The Intensive English training is a modular English program that covers four levels of English proficiency. The course is designed with flexibility for students to have a choice on the course modules.
Each module provides the students with specific knowledge or skills that are pertinent to the English language as following:

i. Reading and Writing
Students are provided different types of reading texts and writing tasks on an array of interesting topics. Students will be taught using real life examples and contemporary training content. The aim of these training techniques and methods is to arouse the students’ interest, encourage participation and engagement.

ii. Listening and Speaking
Students are taught to practice their listening skills through a wide variety of recorded training material such as phone messages, radio programs and different modes of conversations. Students are also given the opportunity to practice their speaking skills by engaging in activities such as role-plays. Pronunciation is also given priority by conducting exercises which focuses on sounds and intonation.

iii. Vocabulary
Students are encouraged to participate in various discussions with the aim of improving their vocabulary.

iv. Grammar
Students are also thought grammar in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

RNM Training Sdn.Bhd is an approved HRDF Training Centre for conducting various training programs for its clients. Being an approved HRDF Training Centre enables us to work through HRDF to provide continuous learning and development for the Malaysian workforce which in turn contributes to the nation’s economic growth.