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Employees' Development

This program helps organizations to build their talent pipeline by providing the employees the skills and knowledge for self and career development. This is achieved by focusing on building highly motivated teams, enhancing staff morale and building company wide competitiveness. At the end of the program, employees will be more motivated resulting in an increase in productivity, reduction in employee turnover and reduced management overheads in managing the employees.

Collaboration Skills

This is a core competency for employees to learn on how to collaborate with others in the workplace. Once collaboration between teams and people at the workplace becomes seamless and effective, this will result in higher productivity and increased efficiency. more motivated resulting in an increase in productivity, reduction in employee turnover and reduced management overheads in managing the employees.

Adaptability Skills

This program helps employees to adapt to the organization’s culture and accelerate the process of induction into the organization’s ways of working.

Time Management Skills

This program outlines the process in organizing and planning work for optimum efficiency. It demonstrates how to segregate time for specific activities based on urgency and importance. It encourages employees to work smarter by getting the work done in a lesser duration whilst still ensuring the quality standards of deliverables are maintained.

Prioritization And Performance Skills

This program imparts the knowledge on how an employee should prioritize the work assigned to ensure work is attended to accordingly.
By understanding how to prioritize, work can be sequenced according to urgency and importance that will result in higher productivity and the elimination of duplication.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving is a key element that employees need to train themselves on to ensure that they get the best outcome and results from challenges faced at the workplace. Therefore, this program will equip employees with the thought process and skill to manage and solve problems at the workplace.

Flexibility & Focus Skill

Change is a constant in today’s business world hence employees should be trained to be flexible and accept change whilst retaining focus on the task at hand. This program will provide employees with the skill to view change as positive and adapt to changes quickly.

Initiative Skills

This program helps employees to generate new ideas and drive initiatives at the workplace with the aim of improving productivity and efficiency.

Business Vocabulary Skills

This program helps the employees to enhance their business vocabulary skills with the aim of promoting effective collaboration and teamwork at the workplace. Employees will be trained to use the correct business vocabulary to ensure messages are not distorted and are delivered according to the true intention of the message. By building employees’ business vocabulary skills, it helps the employees to use the correct words or phrases to easily convey ideas, concerns and decisions.

Introduction to Spoken Communication & Pronunciation

This program enhances the employees’ spoken communication skills by focusing on pronunciation to ensure the proper use of the English language in delivering business related statements and messages.

Critical Thinking & Multi-Tasking In The Workplace

Critical thinking is a key skill in the workplace that enables employees to think out of the box and generate ideas that are beneficial to the business. This program will help employees to apply thought processes that are not conventional and challenging the status quo for the betterment of the organization.

English For Civil Servants

This program aims to assist civil servants in improving their English language proficiency and vocabulary to better serve the public. This program is especially relevant for front line civil servants who are public facing.

Effective Communication Skills For The Workplace

This program promotes the exchange of ideas, data, information or messages through the appropriate communication channels. This program enables employees to persuade, seek information, provide information or to express emotions effectively.

Business English Vocabulary & Email Writing

This program enables employees to use the English vocabulary correctly to improve communication skills at the workplace. It also helps employees to write emails by using the correct English vocabulary, words and expressions to make the message precise and explicit.

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Call Centre Soft Skills

This program imparts soft skills to the Call Centre employees to enable them to interact effectively with their customers. This encompasses the use of fluent English communication skills, application of intonation and pronunciation.

Fundamentals Of International English Language Testing System. (IELTS)

This program is designed to provide students with an introduction to IELTS. IELTS assesses English proficiency of students aspiring to further their education in English speaking countries.
This program is also suitable for working adults wishing to find employment in English speaking countries.

Fundamentals Of Information Technology

This program is designed for newly hired IT professionals and IT graduates embarking on an IT career. This program is especially relevant for fresh IT graduates to equip them with the knowledge on the IT landscape in businesses. This will also better prepare fresh graduates for attending IT related job interviews and enable them to make informed decision in their IT career.